Auto Dealers: Using Targeted Advertising When Marketing

Forget using Craigslist and other car listing websites, see how the most successful companies are using targeted advertising to get more qualified traffic resulting in more sales! Here are the top 5 strategies that will help you revolutionize your digital marketing.

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How Targeted Advertising Works

There are multiple ways advertisers target their potential customers. A few of the most used strategies are retargeting, placements, demographics, location, behavioral buying habits, and using the information you've allowed Google and Facebook to use. 

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When Is The Best Time To Send An Email Marketing Campaign

Have you ever considered what day of the week or time of day gets the best results for your email marketing campaigns?

SendinBlue recently did a survey to show determine when marketers should be sending their email marketing campaigns to maximize engagement

Their full findings are included here, but the key takeaways...

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How Digital Marketing Will Change In 2018

Companies are becoming more aware of the capabilities that their digital space has when it comes to reaching their target audience. With that being said, technology is ever changing. Who would have thought that LinkedIn would be a contender to pass Twitter? AI & Behavioral Marketing is becoming a major factor in how campaigns are being run efficiently. Brands are now investing in Influencer Marketing more than ever, and companies are figuring out how to maneuver around Ad-Blocking technology.

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Uber & Lyft's Next Step Towards Digital Marketing

Rideshare is becoming a powerhouse in the world of transportation, and if you live in a metropolitan city like Seattle you understand how much of an influence rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have.

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5 Local Search Tactics Your Competitors Probably Aren’t Using

Local SEO is competitive and fierce. With more and more local businesses vying for the Google local three-pack — and ads and online directories occupying a large percentage of the remaining SERP real estate — your local SEO strategy has to be aggressive.

So, what can you do to outrank your local competitors down the street, especially when you’ve all got the basics down? One approach is to use local SEO tactics that your competitors may not know about or aren’t using. Here are five local SEO tactics you can implement to help get ahead of your competitors.

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