How Top Fitness Studios Bring In Hundreds Of New Leads Each Month

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For some time now, my team and I have been working with a handful of fitness and wellness brands around the world. Our mission is to attract and convert as many leads as possible for them, so we have been working to figure out what works best.

The results of every online marketing campaign vary based on location, offer, brand, quality, and overall experience. We have noticed that the most successful gyms and studios use these strategies and provide outstanding customer service. 

If you are ready to build a lead generating machine, here is what you will need:

  • A Proven Offer
  • Facebook Ads
  • Video Ad
  • Retargeting
  • Automation

Before we get started, let's determine exactly what we consider a lead. This is going to be someone who gives you their first name, last name, email, and phone number in exchange for an intro offer at your gym.

A Proven Offer

Step one is coming up with an introductory offer that potential members cant resist. What we have found to be the most effective is a one week free trial.

One Free Week allows people to come check out your studio and take a few classes with no commitment on their end. If you can provide them an enjoyable experience, it is likely that they will come back for more and become a paying member.

We use the One Week Free as an example and you can get creative with your offers.

Facebook Advertising

With over 1.6 billion users you are able to target your ads based on location, age, gender, income, interests, behavior, and more. It allows you to spend your advertising budget only on your target demographic. 

When it comes to advertising, there is no company in the world that has more data on its users than Facebook. Facebook knows which websites you visit, how often, how much time you spend doing various things online, and what you buy. From a business marketing standpoint, this is invaluable and luckily for us, it is all right there for the taking. That is if you know where to find it and how to use it.

To get people to click on your ad, you will need an ad copy that will grab peoples attention. The best way to do this is to define your key audience and speak directly to them. Your ad should also create a curiosity and urgency. An example of that would be, "limited time offer only available to the first 15 people". The idea is to get them to act quickly.

Make Your Ad A Video

According to Facebook, video ads received 135% more organic reach when compared to photos. On top of that video ads are usually less expensive than your other options like conversions or lead forms. 

You don't need to hire a professional to film a quick video that could be included in your ads. Most smartphones, like an iPhone or Android, can record high quality video and you can easily edit them yourself with programs like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker.

Your video should give people a quick tour of the studio, show what your classes look like, and give people an idea of what they can expect when they come in. Make sure you capture your viewers attention and get them excited or curious about coming in.

An easy way to increase view times by up to 12% is to add a caption to your video. Not everyone has their sound on at all times, so captions make people more likely to watch your video longer.

Another thing to increase engagement by up to 10X is by uploading your video directly to Facebook instead of going through YouTube or other video hosting services.

So now you have a great video to promote your offer. Next is directing them to a page where they can redeem the promotion which is where landing pages come in. For those who make it to your landing page and don't opt in to receive your offer we can still keep them on the hook with retargeting.


Those who view your retargeting ads are three times more likely to click on your ad and 70% more likely to convert.

Retargeting lets you continuously market to people who visited your website or landing page after they leave your page. This is possible by using the Facebook retargeting pixel on the pages you want to track. 

That means when someone sees your ad, clicks on it, but doesn't claim the offer, you can use retargeting ads to make sure they don't forget about your promotion.


When you start building up your lead list it is imperative that you follow up with them as soon as possible. This is where automated email drips come into play.

Once someone claims your offer, the first thing they should receive is a welcome email that lets them know what steps they should take next.

After a few days you can send a follow up email that asks if they have scheduled their free week. It also helps to give them an incentive that will create urgency like a free nutrition assessment for your goals and body type if they call right away and mention the Facebook ad. 

What is great about automations is you only have to get it set up once and after that you don't have to worry about it. 

Once you the leads start flowing in, make sure you follow up with them as soon as possible and make sure you have a strong sales process put in place. 

Brayton Dawson