Uber & Lyft's Next Step Towards Digital Marketing

Rideshare is becoming a powerhouse in the world of transportation, and if you live in a metropolitan city like Seattle you understand how much of an influence rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft have.


When you add in the components that the wave of entrepreneurialism has brought forth giving everyday people an opportunity to be their own boss and the future that rideshare technology is bringing, a new way of how society commutes will emerge.


In the near future you will start seeing autonomous technologies in new vehicles, like Tesla, usher in a new era of how day-to-day driving is happening. Experts have speculated that the ability to introduce driverless cars into a rideshare market will reduce the costs for consumers to pennies on the dollar. For an in-depth breakdown on how this is happening check out this short article here.


RideView is a company that is bringing together entrepreneurs and the ability for businesses to key in on their ideal demographics through their ability to provide hyper-targeted advertising in rideshare vehicles. The best part is that a new system is being introduced giving businesses and rideshare drivers an opportunity to make more money.


The way this idea was conceptualized is an interesting story;


“I had just touched down in Los Angeles – a place at the time I was not very familiar with. In typical fashion, I located the designated rideshare pickup area, put my destination in and within minutes I was toting my luggage into the trunk of an Uber and entering the back seat. I had only enough battery on my mobile phone to receive an inbound text message from my friend, who I would be staying with, to let me know he wouldn’t be off work for a few hours. As you can imagine I was frustrated but overlooked this as I was in a new exciting city – thinking to myself, ‘I will find something to do’. Ignoring the fact my mobile phone was out of battery I asked the rideshare driver about a few local places to grab a drink. To my dismay, his response was a blank stare, followed by a shrug and mumbling something in a language I could not understand. Growing increasingly more frustrated I thought to myself ‘why is there not another medium in my reach to share ideas of places I would like to go?’. It was at this moment I decided to make it my passion to solve this problem for rideshare passengers everywhere,

and with that, the idea of RideView was born…


Connecting consumers with the products and services that they love should be effortless.


Consumers should not have to rely on a company employee, mobile phone, or even a rideshare driver to introduce you to the goods and services you love. In a rideshare market where 40% of rideshare passengers reported an income of $100,000 or higher, which is ~$40,000 above the average household income of an American family ($59,039 according to 2016 Census) businesses are doing themselves a disservice by missing out on this consumer demographic in a captive setting. Any company seeks to identify areas where they can engage with a market of high earners, high spenders, and excess cash or capital to support consuming – RideView has brought this to everyday transportation mediums.”


What we have here is a shift in how consumers are being targeted and engaged. Consumers will always be spending money, but where and how they spend it is where marketing comes into play. RideView is paying rideshare drivers to hang an iPad in their cars for commuters to be able to engage with local businesses in a non-invasive way. If you drive a rideshare, or are interested in taking that step towards having more control over your income, or have a business then you need to check out what RideView is doing. Drivers click here. Businesses click here.

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