The World of Digital Marketing is Changing

 My name is Brayton Dawson and I have a company that specializes in using Google Adwords and Facebook Ads to help businesses like yours find more customers. 

I created this short page to show you how I can help you make a bunch of money. 

(In just 5 simple steps)

Let me know what you think!

1. Let’s Find Your Target Customer It All Starts With…

Using some cool tools on Facebook, we have the ability to show advertisements to virtually anybody we want!

  • (By Distance) — X miles away from your office 
  • (By Zip codes) — Specific Zip Codes Only
  • (By Income Level) — Those that make certain amount of money, to target more affluent patients.
  • (By Age)
  • (Male or Female)
  • (Interests) — very specific things they like on Facebook like health & wellness/chiropractic care)
  • (Groups & Events) If they joined any kind of Health Groups or Health Events
  • (Your Direct Competitors) If they have a relation on Facebook with one of your competitors (we can specifically advertise to them)

Our ability to laser target your ideal customers on Facebook is unparalleled. We set guidelines then optimize for Facebook’s algorithm

This is only just the start!

2. After we find the right person we show up in their newsfeeds like… 

Then we have this image that really catches attention and communicates the emotion they are feeling and then giving them something they want like a promotion or specific information…

I picked a pretty standard offer and made it look like a promotion!

This is only ONE type of Facebook promotion we can run.

I can also show different promotions we use depending on what customers you are looking for. 

We can make this work even if you want to get customers WITHOUT offering a discount. 

(This just works especially well if you want to get a lot of people in the door, quick)

I’ve tested this specific promotion in several different markets and had a ton of success.

Now the only people who see this ad are the people we have selected – so it’s really powerful.

FB Example Ad

3. Once they have clicked this ad we take them to this page…

4. The Big Mistake Most Businesses Make At This Point Is…

So one of the biggest mistakes most companies are making is once a customer requests their service is they simply send them to a page that says… 

“Thank you – we will contact you soon”

But in reality, the thank you page can do 2 things. 

1. Create urgency – to motivate people to take action now and avoid procrastination

2. Offer additional services – many people will want bonus offers here! 

We are giving them a reason to call now, which is going to save you time because you will not have to chase the leads. Instead, the leads will come to you!

5. What About Those Who Don’t Schedule Or Buy In Right Away..

And for those that do not take action – meaning they came to our page and did not enter in their email.

We continue to retarget them!


Meaning those ads that follow you around the internet everywhere you go? We created those. And we say this:

FB Retargetting

And we have your business’s phone number on there!

They will see this ALL THE TIME when they come online so you will stay on top of their mind. 

This is extremely effective.

5. What About Those Who Don’t Schedule Or Buy In Right Away..

In the past I have seen campaigns similar to this one generate as many as 20 leads in 24 hours…

If you would like me to run this campaign for you I would be more than happy to do this!

I do not believe in asking for someone’s business, I believe in earning it.

So, I am offering 50% off my monthly rate for this if you get back to me in the next 24 hours to talk about next steps.

I am only looking for win-win situations here. What’s cool is this is only one part of the puzzle and it can get you incredible results. Let me know what you think.

My name is Brayton Dawson, I am a digital marketing expert, and I look forward to hearing from you.