Our Social Media Service helps your business grow¬†brand awareness, relationships, and website traffic. Social Media can connect with your customers in a way that no other forms of marketing can. It’s your brand and your voice, which is why it is especially important you don’t use a cookie cutter approach. While we’ve most likely worked with a company like yours, we take pride in creating tailored programs for each one of our clients.


$ 150 /per month
Account Set Up/Branding
2 platforms
1 Weekly Post
Content Calendar


$500/per month
Account Set Up/Branding
4 Platforms
4 Weekly Posts
Content Calendar
Monthly Consultations
Community Monitoring
1 Article/month


$1000/per month
Account Set Up/Branding
All Relevant Platforms
5 Weekly Posts
Content Calendar
Monthly Consultations
Community Monitoring
Up to 4 Articles/month
1 FB Campaign/month (ad spend not included)

Ready To Get Started?

Are there any commitments?

Yes, we require a 3-month contract starting off for all social media packages. It typically takes a few weeks for us to do all necessary research and preparation as well as develop a successful social media strategy. Furthermore, we want to give our efforts enough time to gain traction online so that you can see real result.

Are you creating content?

For the Basic and Plus packages we work to find relevant and industry-specific content online to share across the appropriate social channels. Unlike our Premium and Professional packages we do create custom content that aligns with the social media strategy we have put in place.

Do you handle all Social Engagement?

With the Plus package we will help with basic interactions like monitoring the community, mentions, and private messages. In the case of anything that requires more, we do offer a Social Media Consulting service that can accommodate greater social needs on a case-by-case basis.

What accounts are you managing?

We have the ability to manage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Pinterest. However, most business focus their efforts into the two or three platforms that benefit them the most.


What platforms do you manage paid ads on?

We are capable of managing campaigns across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. If you want to run a campaign across multiple platforms we can provide pricing as each platform has its strengths in how you can implement successful campaigns.

What can I expect from the strategy consultations?

Your project manager will help you understand your reports and provide additional insight. You will discuss your goals for the upcoming months and develop a strategy across all relevant platforms that can help support your goals. This is also where we can help teach and train your team on how to approach social media management because often, clients like to manage their profiles in conjunction with our team.

Ready To Get Started?